Photo Roundup: Location Shoots, Performances and Studio Shoots with Rachel Neville Photography NYC

dancer jumping on West 4th Street NYC by dance photographer rachel neville

One of the great things about being a New York City dance photographer is having the chance to work with an assortment of dancers, from a variety of dance companies all over NYC.

NYC dance photographer studio photo blends classic and modern

In addition to the fun and creativity we get to have in the photography studio with dancers for audition shots and dance photo portfolios, as an NYC dance photographer I get to go all over the city for location shoots and dance performances.

New York City dance photographer Rachel Neville performance photography for Ellison Ballet

The past few months have been great, full of live dance performances, location shoots and studio work with my dancer clients and dance company clients in New York City.

outdoor dance photos forest in NYC dance photographer Rachel Neville

In my Instagram contest celebrating the opening of my new NYC photography studio in Long Island City, I asked dancers to tell me what inspires them to work hard.  I hope that these images inspire you to work hard, to get out and enjoy your city, and to get creative with your dance images.

dancers jump into summer pink sneakers overalls photo nyc dance photographer rachel neville



pas de deux performance photography rachel neville new york



Feeling inspired?

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inspired dance nyc dance photographer photo inspiration


inspire dance nyc dance photographer rachel neville inspiration

Photos from San Francisco Photo Shoot Trip!

I’m back in NYC after a fabulous trip to San Francisco where I got to work with some amazing dancers. I had a great time playing with every one of you and I hope that you’re loving your shots as much as I am.

Can’t wait for my next trip!


dancer photo rachel nevilleChristina Schifano

dancer photo rachel neville

Mwei Shin Tsao

dancer photo rachel neville

 Laurel Benson

dancer photo rachel neville

 Grace Gibson

dancer photo rachel neville

 Blair Mendez

dancer photo rachel neville

 Anne-Sophie Rodriguez

dancer photo rachel neville

 Laurel Benson

dancer photo rachel neville

 Sasha Bishop

dancer photo rachel neville

 Wes Bishop

dancer photo rachel neville

Valentina Reneff-Olsen

dancer photo rachel neville

Jamie Hamaker

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Mini Shoot Day!

I love when I get to see all different types of clients on one day!  The mini photo shoot sessions were a huge success for clients who got great promotional, audition, portfolio images and headshots done  for dance and fitness.

promotional headshots rachel neville

The event was such a success that I received a number of requests asking that I add another mini shoot special day.  So we did, on Sunday April 27th.  Now is your chance to get in on the fun- but book fast because slots are filling up!

contemporary dance photographer rachel neville

I look forward to sharing more of the details with you, but for now here are some of my favs from the day.

promotional shots nyc dance photographer rachel neville

fitness photos photographer rachel neville fitness marketing shots
modern dance nyc dance photographer rachel neville
braiana reed fitness photographer rachel neville
white leotard mini photo shoot nyc dance photographer rachel neville

Rachel Neville Photography

Spring Mini Session Special
Sunday, April 27th
mini shoot rachel neville

ballet photo shoot nyc dance photographer rachel neville

Most Common Question Dancers Ask about Audition Photos – Poses

Recently I sent out a note to my email subscribers about one of the most common questions I get from dancers I photograph.  In the pre-photo shoot consultation my dancer clients want to know if they should prepare a list of poses.  Basically, dancers want to know what to do during a photo shoot.

Over all, this is an individual process and complicated topic because every dancer is different.  Even seemingly ‘perfect’ bodies shoot differently.

dance audition photos white ballet dress white pointe shoes photographer tips auditions

Rebecca Reeves, Ellison Ballet, New York

For dancers about to book audition photoshoots who want to know what to do and what poses work for audition photos, here is a quick list of tips.

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Bright and Bold Fitness Training Images that Shout

I’ve been working with some fitness professionals recently on their marketing materials.  We have been designing marketing pieces from the ground up and I just love starting the process off with trainers who come to me in the beginning stages.  It gives us the opportunity to start branding them without clutter, right from the start.

rachel neville fitness photographer

Candace was one such trainer and we had such a blast coming up with her new look.  Candace has a dancer/gyrotonic background so we really wanted to show the energy, passion and skill set she brings to her private clients.  Her target market is professionals in their mid 30 – 50’s, mostly women.  Many of Candace’s clients want a fun workout experience that is not intimidating.  They want a workout that is energizing and body-aware at the same time.  
rachel neville fitness
As Candace and I were talking about her image and fitness marketing, we both started thinking in the warm tones, and finally decided on a bold orange color for her color theme.  Though we shot many different options,  in all of her images you really know who she is for her clients right away: bright, bold, fun and professional.
fitness pics back

Do your images show clients who YOU are?

fitness photos rachel neville

Marketing images are powerful and successful when they tell your clients who you are.

fitness orange background rachel neville

Contact me to discuss how to make your images work as hard as you do and tell your clients what they need to know.

feel good fitness rachel neville

3 Tips to Make Your Images Work as Hard as You

The next few months are busy times for dancers and for fitness professionals.  This is a make it or break it time for fitness businesses and trainers in particular, who want to capture the clients who are ready to commit to their health around the holiday season.

nyc fitness photographer Rachel Neville marketing tips

Fall is upon us and it’s time to get moving – to get in front of the clients we want, communicate our expertise and take our businesses to the next level by putting all the pieces in place for a successful 2014.  With these goals in mind it’s time to start asking the tough questions and understanding how your clients make choices.

Are you getting what you want? Do you have the clients and presence your expertise demands?

I’ve been amping up my own business, increasing visibility and gearing up to open a new studio location, so I’ve been focused on building a new website, shooting new creative work and rolling out a new marketing strategy.  But the most important part of my business is being there for my clients so I want to pass along my new intensity and marketing energy to you.

trainers fitness pros marketing images for clients you want by Rachel Neville Photography

What you need and how to get it.

I can help you attract a surge of new customers ready to commit to their around the holiday season.

Need some fresh, new rock star images to put you on the map and keep you in front of your clients? That’s what I love to do of course… and what else?

Need a conversation about your brand to work through ideas that get clients to know your business better? Sure, happy to help.

Need a referral for a new website, logo/marketing material? Easy! I have some good people that are easy to work with that I can recommend.

Positively Pilates, pilates, barrel,

3 Tips: Make Your Images Work as Hard as You Do

1) Plan your marketing in advance so you know quickly and easily what images and content you need. Having it ready to go when you need it makes your marketing a snap and lets you focus on the bigger picture.

2) Have a variety of fresh images that tell your clients what they need to know. Your images can communicate your theme for the month, health tips or highlight a particular workout focus… the list goes on!

People work with those that they know, like and trust. Use images that communicate this.

NYC fitness movement photographer Rachel Neville Photography

3) Understand how your clients make choices.  Advances in Neuroscience suggests that our synapses fire nano-seconds before we take an action/make a choice.  That means our brains make decisions for us even before we have.  This means that getting your image out there consistently to everyone on your list will have a huge impact on your business… the more people ‘know, like and trust’ you the more their unconscious mind will think of you when they’re ready to start training.

Put Your Images to Work

Contact me for a consultation.  We’ll go through the images you’re using now and I’ll show you how to use them to hit your target clients, communicate your unique expertise and create more visibility for your brand.

I’ll answer your questions, connect you to the right people and get started on creating images that market you to the clients you want.