Shooting Altered Fidelity for C Eule Dance Co.

I had the opportunity to work with Caron and her dancers a few weeks back.  They are celebrating their tenth season with several small shows over May and their season at the Capezio Theater @ Peridance in June.

Caron decided to highlight one of her new pieces, “Altered Fidelity,”  in our shoot.  The costumes, by Arturo Vera, were great to work with.  Everyone loves dance pictures with swaths of material that emphasize movement and we were lucky that these costumes did just that .

The energy from the men in the company rang through the room in a way I hope you can feel in the photos and our video.

Join me at their run, Clean Springing X, June 11th & 12th and 18th &19th.

For more details check out the C Eule Dance Company website and Facebook.


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  1. Arturo Vera says:

    I love your photos and your blog Rachel, I hope o meet you soon.

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