Latin Choreographers Festival Celebrates 5 Years

Last weekend the Latin Choreographers Festival celebrated its fifth year with a series of beautiful performances.

Congratulations to Ursula Verduzco, founder of the Festival, and all the choreographers and dancers who made this past weekend’s run of six shows a resounding success.

The mission of the Latin Choreographers Festival, as stated by Ms. Verduzco, is to “present and showcase in New York City, the work of talented and innovating Latin choreographers, as well as one guest (non-Latin) choreographer or Company per year, in an environment where the general public, the International Dance Community and the Latin Community can feel welcomed and empowered.”

In honor of the Festival and in celebration of the work of all the participants, I have put together a collection of photos from the performances.  Enjoy this tribute to the Latin Choreographers Festival 2012.

See more exclusive photos from last year’s Latin Choreographers Festival.


4 Comments Add yours

  1. Cogtography says:

    These photographs are very nice, displaying such passionate affection for dance! I love the freeze motion you’ve used to capture the dancers, do you often capture dance photography? Well done!

    For photographic inspiration visit, Cogtography!

  2. AWESOME WORK!! As always Rachel, thankyou for the beautiful photos of the Festival.

  3. Ana says:

    Beautiful pictures. I love it.

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