Take the Wheel – What do you want to hear?

Hey, I want to hear from you!

I was sitting in a cab on the way home last night, well surviving a cab ride, really. It seemed as though the driver had some affinity for smelly dinners, and we were stuck for more than an hour behind an accident on the 495.

I decided to distract myself from thoughts of jumping out the window and walking in the frigid cold down the highway, or googling a way to put the driver to sleep so I could open the windows, crank the heat and take over the cab, by thinking about what would most serve you all on the blog this week.

What topics would you most like to know about, get information on, get hooked into? What do you most want to know about?

dance photographer Rachel Neville photos for dance marketing and auditions

Juliette Bosco, photo by Rachel Neville

Whether it’s audition photos, fitness marketing, photoshoots, or something else, what are you focused on this week?

So, while hiding my nose in my sleeve, I decided to ask you all for input!

Drop me a line here… I’ll not only answer your questions, but I’ll give 2 of you who submit a question to me a pretty significant discount on a photo shoot.  Just for taking a minute of your time to stop, think, and shoot me an email.

Really, I thank you in advance since even just the act of writing this helped distract me from that smelly car!

What I Want to Hear

Tell me now… and be the lucky winner to collect your photoshoot discount.


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