3 Things to Do for Your Dance Career in the New Year

The internet is abuzz with new year advice – from best of lists to performance highlights, to mantras for better living.
Here, I am ready to kick off the new year with some must do dance career tips.  So keep your New Year’s resolution going strong throughout 2016 and make this the year you take the steps you need for the dance career you want.

New Year’s Resolutions for Career Success in 2016

1. Get good headshots
This cannot be overstated: if you want dance companies, choreographers and directors to get a real idea of the value you bring to them, make sure they have a headshot of you that communicates that value.
new year advice dance career headshots rachel neville
Brianna Moriarty, Headshot by Rachel Neville
2. Research and enroll in classes to strengthen your weaknesses
Evaluate your skills honestly.  Work with a friend or coach who will hold you accountable.  Determine your weaknesses and seek out the best classes and the most experienced teachers available to you in order to fill any gaps in your training and to strengthen any weaknesses that threaten career success.
strengthen weaknesses dancer tips new year
Claire Wilson, Photo by Rachel Neville
3. Connect with dance companies on social media
Do the research and build connections to learn more about what dance companies are looking for.  Taking these steps will help you to find the right fit for you professionally and personally.



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