You Don’t Have to Do It Alone: Rachel Neville Photography Video 5

In this episode, from our Marketing and Career Tips for Dancers Video Series, we are talking about the importance of community support as you prepare for dance auditions, go on auditions and manage dance career decisions.

Support and community are key to a successful dance career and today’s dancers are poised to access the resources that they need to make sure they are prepared to bring their best to auditions and beyond.  In this episode, Rachel explores how to build that much needed support system.

rachel neville dance audition library

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It starts with evaluating your strengths and weaknesses honestly, then accessing the resources you need from classes to coaches to teachers and advisers to help you get where you need to be.  Taking full advantage of your community and the support that you have around you will lead you to leave “no stone unturned throughout your audition process.” You – and your dance career -will be the better for it.

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